Strangle Mania Live

Date: 1997

Place: St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI

General info:

In 1996, Insane Clown Posse released a VHS entitled ICP's Strangle-Mania, which featured a compilation of death matches from the Outrageously Violent Wrestling From Japan video collection, overdubbed with their own humorous commentary. Following the release, the duo, along with local Detroit booker Dan Curtis, hosted the event ICP's Strangle-Mania Live in 1997 at the sold out St. Andrew's Hall.

The main event featured Insane Clown Posse versus The Chicken Boys, who were played by two friends of Bruce and Utsler. With local wrestling booker Dan Curtis, other wrestlers such as Mad Man Pondo, 2 Tuff Tony, Corporal Robinson, King Kong Bundy, and Abdullah the Butcher were also booked on the show to wrestle in the same death match style as shown in ICP Strangle-Mania.

Match Results:

  Match Results
1 Main Event Insane Clown Posse defeated The Chicken Boys
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