The Weedman

Real name: Kurt Krueger

Birth date: unknown

Trained by: Frankie DeFalco

Ring Names: Dysfunction, Kevin Krueger, Kurt Krueger, The Weedman

Debut: December 23, 2000

Championships and accomplishments

In wrestling


Kurt Krueger is an American professional wrestler best known as The Weedman in JCW.


In JCW, Krueger wrestled as The Weedman under the gimmick that the more stoned he got, the better wrestler he was. He became big with the JCW fans with such shannigans as blowing smoke in his opponent's faces, wrestling with a joint in hand, and even getting the audience to shout encouragemeant for the referee to take a hit.

The Weedman formed a team with Billy Bong, the two of them winning the JCW Tag Team Championship at Bloodymania III by defeating the Thomaselli Brothers. The duo held onto the belts until that year's Hallowicked After-Party where they lost the belts to the Thomaselli Brothers.


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